General setting in MGS Frontend Builder Theme

MGS Frontend Builder Theme is a Magento base theme; it was developed base on MGS Frontend Builder and tons of extensions. Using build theme will help you easily created and build you own store as you want.Have you ever see trouble wish setup general theme, after setup  MGS Frontend Builder Theme complete. If you answer is “yes”, you should reference this page we will guide you setup MGS Frontend Builder theme.

Go to General Setting (see image below):


Is includes General, Background, Fonts, Extensions, Catalog, Socials.


1.In the General tab you will need to configure main the website:


  • Width: there are five of page site in the width part include: 1024px, 1200px, 1366px, full width.
  • Right to left layout: it specifies the text direction/writing direction and value yes(right) or no(left).
  • Layout: choose style of page is wide or boxed.
  • Layout Style: choose style of page is light or dark.
  • Sticky menu: anchor menu by mouse scroll. Yes(display)/No (hide).
  • Display back to top icon: visible back to top icon on frontend site.
  • Active Preloader: active preloader icon on page load.
  • Custom Css: if you want to custom css by yourself, please choose “yes”, to custom css, please edit the file: skin/frontend/mgstheme/[theme_name]/css/custom.css .
  • Enable Google rich snippets: Yes/No.
  • Enable Popup Newsletter: Enable Newsletter popup when customer visit homepage.

2. In the Background tab, you will setting background color, image, repeat and background position in page, configuration background in the left and display setup resultted in the right.


  • Background Color: in here you can setup the website of the background color. Choose color code in the right.
  • Background Image: In here you can choose you want of image and set as image website background. Upload image form your computer.
  • Background pattern: background image pattern for site( apply for boxed mode). You can see on the right is the result of your choose.
  • Background repeat: you can setup your background repeat or not. (apply background image). If you apply repeat your background will be repeat depend on you choose is repeat X or repeat Y.
  • Background position(X): in this page you can choose your background position left-right direction.
  • Background position(Y): in this page you can choose your background position top-bottom direction.

3. In Font tab you will setting the font family, size and the style of a text in the site.


  • Default font: font and size for all text in all page.
  • Heading 1: font and size for <h1> tag.
  • Heading 2: font and size for <h2> tag.
  • Heading 3: font and size for <h3> tag.
  • Heading 4: font and size for <h4> tag.
  • Heading 5: font and size for <h5> tag.
  • Heading 6: font and size for <h6> tag.
  • Price: font for text price.
  • Menu: font for text in main menu.

4. In the Extensions tab, you will see extensions was set up. You can enable or disable the extensions.


  • Enable Megamenu: disable/enable megamenu extension. Megamenu extension changes the way main menu displays. It allows you to have multiple options to show what you want on the main navigation.
  • Enable Ajax Add to Cart: disable/enable ajax cart extension. Ajax Cart is a extension for magento store, your customers can add as products to as possible or remove items from cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload.
  • Enable Quick View: disable/enable quick view extension. If you enable quick view extension then button quick view display in product on all page. At click button quick view you will see popup have information product.
  • Enable Daily Deals: disable/enable daily deals extension. Daily deals is a extension but your can make sale-off programs with a countdown timer and promotion price for your products that you need.
  • Enable Onestep Checkout: disable/enable onestep checkout extension. One Step Checkout extension allows your page site to have all checkout steps in only one step.

5. In Catalog tab, you will have to setting everthing on category and product.


  • Default Layout for Category Page: default layout for all category page. It’s value like 1column(full width), 2column with left bar( sidebar in the left), 2 column with right bar(sidebar in the right), 3column, Empty. Eg: 2column with left bar.
  • Default Layout for Product Page: default layout for all product page. It values like the layout Category.
  • Number of products per row: set number product per row in the block for homepage and category page. It’s values form 1 to 8.
  • Featured Product Attribute: attribute to set featured products. You will need to create attribute featured_product in admin page. If you don’t set attribute featured products, the feature products block can not display. You can refer to the article “Why I do not see the feature products block on panel setting”.
  • Best Selling Product Attribute: attribute to set best selling products. You will need to create attribute best selling product in admin page. If you don’t set attribute best selling products , the best selling products block can not display.
  • Product Picture Ratio: set ratio for all product picture. It’s value like 1/1 Square, 1/2Portrait, 2/3 Portrait, 3/4 Portrait, 2/1 Landscape, 3/2 Landscape, 4/3 Landscape.
  • New Label: label for New products.
  • Sale Label: label for Sale products.
  • Active Price Slider: active price slider filter on category page.
  • Active Load more products: replace pager by ajax load more on category page.
  • Active Products Load Animation: effect load product on category page.
  • Hide Add to Wishlist button: disable/enable wishlist button in product.
  • Hide Add to Compare button: disable/enable compare button in product.

6. And the setting for Socials tab: you will configure the social like facebook, twitter, google and custom share on product page.


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