Why I do not see feature products block on panel setting?

Do you have face trouble  with  make feature products block ? If  your question  is “yes”  you can see this page, because we can help you  resolve this problem now.

1. Create Attribute

  • Log into Magento admin panel. Hover on Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes


There you will see all the attributes used in your system.

  • In the top right click on “Add New Attribute”


Information for Attribute : properties and label in admin panel.

  • In the Properties tab you will need to configure the Attribute properties.


Attribute Identifier: the name of the attribute used by system.

Scope: allows you to declare the attribute value saving scope like Global, Store View, Website.

Catalog Input Type for Store: describes what kind of data the attribute will store. We want to use Yes/No.

Unique Value: we are using “no”.

Input Validation for Store Owner: decides whether the data entered by the store owner is validated when the product is saved. In our case we’ll choose “None”.

Apply to : determines for which Product Types this attribute will display.

  • Click on the Manage Label/Options tab:

You can name the attribute on the front-end by the attribute label.


When you are ready, click Save Attribute in the top right content.

2. Create Attribute Set

  • To apply this selectable attribute to a product, first add it to an attribute set.

Go to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attribute Sets.


There you will see all the attribute sets created in your system.

  • Click to attribute set default , you will see the attribute set you’ve just created in the column Unassigned Attributes.


  • You will drag and drop it to General of the Group.

Click Save Attribute Set in the top right.

3. Create feature products:

After setup attribute, you will create feature product. Go to Catalog -> Manage Products -> Add product.

Input information of production and choose “yes” for the attribute Is Featured Product.



4. Display feature products block on panel setting:

Go to Mage Solution -> MGS Panel -> tab Catalog -> Featured Product Attribute choose attribute set you’ve created. In our case we choose “Is Featured Product”.


At frontend, choose “ADD NEW BLOCK


Select block Featured Products


  • In the General tab you will need to configure general


  • In the Product Config tab you will need to configure the featured products block main


– Number of Products: limit number of new product to show.

– View more: displayed  form like Grid/List.

– Number of product per row: Number of product visible per row.

– Product picture ratio: ratio of the product image.

– Use slider: Use slider or not.

– Visible load more button: yer(apply for grid mode) or no.

  • In the Color: setting color text in featured product block

After you have created attribute featured_product and setting it in the MGS Panel, you can use feature products block in panel outside.


We believe there are still some other practical tips and hints to fix the issue raised in this article. For the benefit of Magento developers, we are proud to share our knowledge and we hope to receive your valuable comments then. Thanks for reading.

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